viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

Identity and image

The emotional-sensual blend of our being is in our experience euro-american from geography, climate, flora and fauna that feeds us, the air we breathe, the landscape and look at our genetic mix that conditions us shapes everything that psychophysical social-with which we identify ourselves, including our weaknesses and prejudices. This being our culture produces an entirely our way, this way of our culture is like fingerprint, can not be equal to another, and the image or icon as cultural production is the result of a cultural identity, is planning a series of signs they become symbols because they are capable of being analyzed in its own rhetoric and grammar, and which allow for reading. In the case of pre-Hispanic cultures know that their language is simple and iconic geometric. The geometry contains simplified forms and manifestation of an abstraction that can be expressed through the qualities the sense of linear movement, or enclosing a portion of the space frame also expresses the essence of a perception and an experience, and this is why I dare to use iconographic elements of culture to reaffirm Lima patterns between Lima those people and our way of perceiving things. We are united in history and a common ground.

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